As a photographer, I strive to capture the world the way I see it through my lens and share the beauty that some of the seemingly mundane and basic things contain. I feel my calling is to share this amazement with each click of the shutter.  


Being an eternal optimist, I see colors brightly, filled with positive messages all around me. Even in the dirtiest of puddles, the most dilapidated of structures, and scruffiest of animals, I find beauty and wonderment. With every snapshot, I expect to capture that “once in a lifetime” experience and nothing excites me more than reviewing my new collection of images, feeling the magic all over again, and discovering nuances I didn’t see the first time around.


With a competitive spirit and a perpetually wandering/inquisitive mind, I’m constantly seeking to master that one challenge I’ve not encountered before. Through research, I draw inspiration from the trendsetters and most accomplished photographers in their respective specialty and challenge myself to make that the standard, even on my first attempt.


Though nature and conservation is my passion, there’s no challenge I won’t attempt at least once as being behind the lens is where I truly feel alive.


My style and subjects will continue to evolve and change, and it brings me great excitement to hone my skills and share the next “shiny object” that grabs the attention of my lens with the world.


Award winning and published photographer, author and entrepreneur. My next goal is to have one of my photos hanging on your wall at home, the office, or anywhere that would bring you joy.



·       Honorable Mention in Nude Category, Monochrome Photography Awards 2022
·       Silver Award, WPPI 2022 The Annual, Animals, Pets Category.

·       Merit Collection, PPA 131st Annual Exhibition, Portrait Class 2022 x3

·       Honorable Mention in Nude Category, Monochrome Photography Awards 2021

·       Dodho Magazine Nude Photography Awards 2022, Finalist top 100

·       Dodho Magazine Color Awards 2022, Finalist top 100

·       Silver Award, WPPI 2021 The Annual, Animals, Pets Category.

·       Merit Collection, PPA 129th Annual Exhibition, Portrait Class 2021

·       Merit Collection, PPA 129th Annual Exhibition, Illustrative Class 2021

·        Silver Award, WPPI 2020 Second Half, Animal, Pets Category.

·       2nd Place and Silver Award, WPPI 2020 First Half, Animal, Pets category.

·       Runner up Best Hen, Hickory Farms Chickens Magazine 2019



  • Clownun: Birth. Photo comic book available on Amazon
  • Exhibitionist: how my photos traveled the world without me, and a little more. Coffee table photobook available on Amazon​​​​
  • How to Photograph: Hummingbirds. Tutorial and educational book about photography. Available on Amazon