I got weird in Bisbee

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For my 16th wedding anniversary I got weird in Bisbee, AZ. 

_RIP0753Pythian Castle, Bisbee, AZPhoto credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo <br/>www.reaglephotography.com

Living in the south western side of the United States has its advantages, and one is the crazy amount of little old "ghost towns" within driving distance. 

For us, a little under 4 hour drive gets us to Bisbee, Arizona, right after world famous Tombstone (you know, OK Corral, Wild West most famous shootout, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, etc), up the mountains and into a gorgeous area that was well populated during the mining boom for copper. 

_RIP0806Open MinePhoto credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo <br/>www.reaglephotography.com

We made a reservation several months in advance to the Bisbee Grand Hotel, hoping to stay in their Garden Room that has a Jacuzzi Tub, perfect for my bride of 16 years to spend way too much time, and use way too many bubbles, and to enjoy an extremely relaxing time, connecting with each other and talking about how life has gotten us here, and where we are wanting to go.

_RIP0612Western Room at Bisbee Grand HotelPhoto credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo <br/>www.reaglephotography.com

Well, things got mixed up and our room was booked by someone else so we ended up staying in the Western Room, which also had a Jacuzzi Tub. It was a blast and an adventure just to stay in that room. What you see above was actually our bed. Funny story, when we got married in the town of Julian, California, near the restaurant we had our reception dinner, there was a cute little covered wagon, much like this one, as the patio for a coffee shop, if I remember right. So, this was very accidentally perfect, as it definitely reminded us of the town where we got married. 

_RIP0625Lunatic Fringe Luthiery, Bisbee, AZPhoto credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo <br/>www.reaglephotography.com

We walked around and visited with the locals, getting to meet a handful of the business owners and hearing the stories of how they decided to move into this little and magical place called Bisbee. Between coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, antiques, hat stores and some that could only be described as miscellaneous art shops, our hours of walking were joyous and extremely relaxing. 

_RIP0831Cadillac over Harley and IndianPhoto credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo <br/>www.reaglephotography.com

We also drove around and found areas that seemed to be frozen in time, like this street and car pictured above. 

_RIP0719Copper Queen All SpicePhoto credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo <br/>www.reaglephotography.com

Visited museums, walked into their hotels, spoke with other tourists, had coffee at almost every coffee shop, especially at Seth's stand, Old Bisbee Coffee Roasters, which is known as some of the best coffee beans in all Arizona (so we bought enough to last a normal person for a few months, and drank it within 2 weeks). We eat, drank and I even bought me a new hat. 

_RIP0801Old Bisbee Coffee RoastersPhoto credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo <br/>www.reaglephotography.com

I was not going to bring my camera, so I would just focus on spending quality time with the wifey, but I'm glad I did bring it. 

_RIP0798Cafe Roka, BisbeePhoto credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo <br/>www.reaglephotography.com

Oh, and how to forget dinner at Cafe Roka... OMG that was good. If all you do is go to Bisbee for the day, make sure to call in advance and make reservations for this place. It is definitely worth the drive. It's not cheap food, but the value and quality overshadow the cost by a mile. 

_RIP0755Beer, soup of the dayPhoto credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo <br/>www.reaglephotography.com

And before I end this, yes, there was beer, and the wife got to taste plenty of it, including some at Saint Elmo Bar, built in 1902, the longest continuously operating bar in Arizona. Also recently named as one of Seven Historic Dive Bars across the country, by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. 

_RIP0777St.Elmo, since 1902Photo credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo <br/>www.reaglephotography.com

Anyways, with that I'll leave you, hopefully wanting to go visit Bisbee and share your experience on the comments area below. 


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the photos that I almost didn't take. 

Safe Travels!



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